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For Rent 450€ for 2 persons per night 
400 sq ft6 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms1 Garage Print

A beachfront villa in Mauritius.

This beachfront villa located in Mauritius offers an exceptional setting by the sea. The villa can accommodate up to ten people and all the rooms are well-ventilated and equipped with air conditioning.

You can enjoy magnificent views and the changing colors of nature throughout the day.
The lagoon presents shades ranging from purple to pink at dawn, then from pale blue to dazzling turquoise during the morning.

If your stay coincides with the new moon cycle, you will have the chance to admire the beautiful crescent as it blends into the horizon.

Direct access to the soft and fine sandy beach is possible through three small steps.

The swimming area inside the lagoon provides optimal safety at all times.

The villa’s tropical style, with its thatched roof and beautiful exposed beams, gives it a special charm.

For even more relaxing holidays, Vedi and Marie will take care of the cleaning and ironing. The beds will be made and the kitchen will be tidy. If you wish to taste Mauritian dishes, you can organize your menu directly with the staff.

For boat excursions, fishing and water sports such as tubbing, Sooben, Henri, or Robert will pick you up directly from the beach.

Additional charges of 50 euros per night apply for each additional person.

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